Frequently Asked Questions

Zumbani Health is the premier platform for healthcare providers and their clients. It allows for simple and easy interaction between provider and client, as well as business management services for the provider, globally.

Yes, with Zumbani Health, nobody is allowed access to your information except for your chosen healthcare provider for that particular consult. It is important to note that your healthcare provider may have to share information with other providers you are referred to.

Payments on Zumbani Health are safe and secure. All online payments are handled by trusted payment gateways, such as PayPal. Zumbani Health will not have access to any of your sensitive payment data.

Zumbani Health is a platform for all healthcare providers who are registered with their respective authority. Some examples would include GPs, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, Personal Trainers etc. Should you not see your sector available when attempting to register please contact us, and we will add your sector ASAP.

Anyone who wishes to make use of the Zumbani Health platform.

This would mean that they are yet to sign up with Zumbani Health, please contact us and provide us with their name and email address and we'll email them a personal invite. We would also suggest that you, as their client, encourage them to sign up.

Nothing, whether you register as a healtchcare provider, or a client, there are no registration fees.

We've put together a quick, 50 second, tutorial, to show you how to setup your services. You can watch it here.

ScriptFinder is an easy to use quote finder (currently for pharmacies only). Simply log in to your client account, select which city/town you are in, set provider type to pharmacy and input a message as to what you would like a quote on. You can also upload a script or image if necessary. Click on submit and we'll do the rest. Once you receive a response from any pharmacy you'll be able to view it under 'view responses' for that particular quote request.

If you are a pharmacy please contact us via our contact form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. If you wish to use ScriptFinder to receive quotes, simply sign up for free, then log into your Zumbani Health account and click on 'Request/View quotes' in the left hand nav bar. Fill in the form, sit back, relax and wait for the quotes to roll in.

MediCheck is an easy to use system that integrates with EU approved technology to assist people in identifying possible conditions and treatment. MediCheck does not provide or constitute medical advice. MediCheck provides information on possible conditions, their treatment, causes and symptoms. It will also inform you of symptoms that require immediate medical attention, and which healthcare provider you should speak to.

MediCheck costs US$5.00 or the equivalent in RTGS.