Client Benefits

Introducing ScriptFinder

You are just one click away from receiving quotes from multiple pharmacies for your medication. For more information see our FAQ page... Keep reading to see the rest of our amazing benefits and features.

  • Now, with Zumbani Health, you have the ability to see your healthcare providers availability, no need to phone in.
  • You can book and pay online from anywhere in the world with ease, just choose a slot and select your preferred payment method.
  • No need to leave your home, office, favourite coffee shop etc. if you don't want to, we're integrated with zoom for online consults (you can still go see your provider face to face, if you prefer).
  • You don't require a full consult, no problem, you can request a telephone call back from your provider.
  • Your prescriptions are sent directly to your email
  • You have easy and instant access to all your healthcare providers (as long as they've signed up with us).
  • Zumbani Health gives you the ability to stay connected with your healthcare provider, even when you are:
    • sick in bed
    • still in your pyjamas
    • crazy busy
    • out of the country
  • We aim to remove barriers to healthcare, so there are no sign up fees.
  • We provide Zumbani Health platform related client support, and value your feedback.

Healthcare Provider Benefits

  • Zumbani Health takes care of all your billing and scheduling, you are freed up to focus on your clients.
  • We understand that sometimes your schedule changes, our dynamic scheduling system allows you to set your availability, and make changes and exceptions as necessary.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world (as long as your clients don't need to be physically present). Zumbani Health is integrated with Zoom for all your online consultations
  • You can stay connected with all your clients, no matter the circumstances.
  • Double bookings are a thing of the past, once a client books a slot it is no longer available for anyone else to book.
  • Digital prescriptions and prescription renewals (for those who are qualified to prescribe medication) are simple and easy. We know these require a signature and a stamp, we've got these in place for you.
  • You don't have to pay any sign up fees, in fact, if your clients don't use Zumbani Health, you don't pay a cent.
  • We support you, and take your feedback seriously, so you can best serve your clients.